The Triton® sand filter is the result of over 40 years of product evolution and refinement. It has set the industry standard for effectiveness, efficiency, long runs between service and providing years of dependable, low maintenance operation. Triton® features a special internal design that keeps the sand bed level, ensuring even water flow and resulting in the most efficient filtration possible.

Now capable of deliveringpool water of crystal quality.

Triton is now also available with ClearPro Technology (Triton II version): A patented technology to reach a very fine level of filtration, 4 times better than with a conventional sand filter. As a result the water is of crystal quality. ClearPro® approaches DE filter clarity with sand filter functionality. The secret is a component inside the filter – a porous tube through which water must pass before it re-enters the pool. It creates a final barrier to the small particles, including the finest dust particles, algae and pollens. At the same time, Triton II remains the blissfully simple filter that requires less maintenance than either cartridge or diatomaceous filters. Just an occasional backwashing with the turn of a valve is all it takes to keep Triton II delivering the clearest water year after year.

Pro Valve

The Pentair Pro Valve enables external control systems such as intelliPool™ to perform automated filter backwash.

• Pneumatically operated.
• Automatic return to filtration position in case of power failure.
• 220-240VAC operated pilot valve, tubing and connectors included.
• 2” ports enabling low head loss.
• 63 mm unions included.
• Robust design rated up to 6 bar.
• Ports can be 90° turned to facilitate installation.
• Pro Valve available as kit with Triton® II.